Matt (Em) Weston is an eclectic producer, director, artist, musician and performer that has shocked clients nationally with 11 years of direct full time freelance experience. With his unusual ability to perceive and mix the worlds of subcultures to main stream cultures, Weston pushes the edge of client thresholds. His experience includes over a decade in the theatrical haunted house entertainment industry, owner of the digital media company Synthetic Dream Studio, owner of the event production company, Recluse Productions, head producer and musician for the electronic rock band, The U Project, an organizer for the infamous Burning Man camp, And Then There’s Only Love (Home to the Orgy Dome) and many more. Matt Weston has been featured in Carpe Nocturne, The Examiner, The Record Journal, Audiofuzz, The Daily Offbeat, Vanyaland and KpopStarz. From Boston First Night to H&M, Braiden Sunshine (The Voice) to Killian Dunn (American Idol), Jeff Franklin (Live Nation) to Michael Pope (Dresden Dolls), Crossfit to Harvard University, Salem’s Festival of The Dead to The Trail Of Terror, Weston makes dreams and nightmares come to life.

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Skill Sets:

Director / Cinematographer – Video Production (Pre – Post)
Post Production – Non-Linear Editing, Color Correction & Grading, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Keying, Compositing
Audio Engineer – Studio & FOH Recording & Mixing, Composing,  Mastering, Cinema Mixing
Lighting Design – DMX Programming, Focusing, Stage FX, Video & Photography Lighting
Graphic Design – Business Identity, Promotions, Web, Photo Manipulation, Digital Painting, Flyers, Branding, Social Media
Photography – Event, Portrait, Studio, Product, Musicians, Clubs, Theaters, Location, Environment
Organization – Production Management, Technical Direction, Creative Consultation, Marketing Consultation

Previous clients include: Crossfit Fenway (Boston, MA), Singer Productions (Boston, MA), Harvard University (Cambridge, MA), BBC World (London, UK), Regent Theater (Arlington, MA), Capital Campaigns LLC (Sacramento, CA), Victoria’s Secret (Boston, MA), Trail of Terror (Wallingford, CT), Wildfire Retreat (Ashford, CT), Con Moto Entertainment (Somerville, MA), Metroline Magazine (Hartford, CT), H&M (Boston, MA), Festival of The Dead (Salem, MA), The Boston Tattoo Convention (Boston, MA), Whitney Players Theater Company (New Haven, CT), Mount Holoyoke College (Holoyke, MA), Braiden Sunshine (The Voice), Killian Dunn (American Idol) and many more.